Mt. Elliott Cemetery Pricing

All cemeteries are required by law to provide consumers with a detailed breakdown of charges when purchasing property, either in a pre-need or at-need situation. When you contact a cemetery for pricing information, make certain that they are providing all the charges. The price of the lot, crypt or niche alone constitutes only a portion of the total cost. As a consumer, you are only able to make a value decision if you research all the costs associated with burial or interment.

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preplanningPreplanning is a smart financial and personal decision

One of the questions we are regularly asked is, “why should I preplan?” The simple answers are to save money and ensure your peace of mind. Learn more

preplanning Purchase seasonal grave and mausoleum decorations

Honor your loved ones with beautiful grave and mausoleum decorations from Mt. Elliott Cemetery Association. Simply place your order and we'll take care of the rest. To purchase winter decorations, please click here.

preplanning Genealogy database

Many of our burial records have been converted to an electronic database and some information may be available online. If you're searching for an ancestor at one of our cemeteries, start your search here. Learn more

preplanningSeasonal events at Mt. Elliott

We have many annual and seasonal events at all of our properties that help celebrate and memorialize loves ones. Learn more