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Burial and Monuments

Burial and Monument Options are available throughout Metropolitan Detroit

Ground Burial
Ground burial remains the most common form of memorialization. In this case, a casket is placed inside a concrete container called a burial vault that is put into the ground. Those who prefer a ground burial have a variety of choices including where the gravesite is located within our cemeteries and what type of monument you desired. One popular choice is the family lot that includes four or more individual gravesites to be occupied by immediate family members. This option allows for the installation of an upright family marker, as well as individual grave markers that are set flush to the ground. Individual graves and companion graves are also available throughout the grounds of our properties.

Natural Burial
For many, keeping it simple is a way of life, so the desire for more basic choices has inspired a renewed appreciation for natural burial. In keeping with this philosophy, natural, or green burial is offered at our newest cemetery, The Preserve at All Saints. A natural burial disallows the use of certain embalming chemicals, cement burial vaults and metal caskets in favor of simple wood or wicker caskets, or shrouds that permit the natural cycle of life to occur. Furthermore, The Preserve is a cemetery where the grounds themselves are preserved in a more natural state—that is, pavement and landscaping typical of traditional cemeteries are excluded. Here the land is treated with great respect that both a nature preserve and a cemetery deserve.

Mausoleums offer an elegant alternative to ground burial. Numerous options are available to accommodate different family preferences, from granite-encased outdoor columbaria to indoor, climate-controlled mausoleums. Polished marble or granite seals each crypt and dignified decorative options are available such as photoceramics and flower vases. Niche fronts can be marble or granite, or in some case engraved glass. Because mausoleum crypt and niche spaces are above ground, no burial vault is required. The cost for crypt and niche spaces is based on the individual building and the location within. Our mausoleums are open daily and you are invited to experience first-hand the grace and reverence this options provides.

Private Family Estates
Family estates are small, private mausoleums designed and built exclusively for the use of an individual family. They can contain anywhere from 1 to 24 crypts, and, most importantly, they are entirely private—accessible only to the family or those granted access by the family. As an elegant alternative to a family mausoleum, you may elect to build a sarcophagus. These are above ground, granite coffins set on a stone base that are designed for either individuals or couples. Building a private estate mausoleum provides you with maximum flexibility and endless options to create a refined and personalized memorial. They can be built exactly as you wish, from the selection of granite to the ironwork, stained glass or other distinctive finishes that are important to you. An estate mausoleum ensures that your family’s community standing will be remembered and respected for many, many generations to come.

Monument Options

For your convenience, beautiful memorials and monuments cut from the finest granite can now be ordered at the cemetery.

Memorials play an important part in the burial process by creating a permanent record at the burial site. Most grave markers are flat granite memorials, sometimes called flush markers. With their low profile, they create a park-like appearance in the cemetery. These markers can be engraved with virtually any kind of design, and, because granite is so durable, memorials made from it will last for the ages.

With the newest techniques, you can have photographs laser engraved in granite for a unique and beautiful tribute to your loved one.

Some Important Reasons Why a Memorial Should Be Purchased from the Cemetery

  • Your cemetery is eternal. It will always be in business.
  • The Family Counselors at your cemetery are familiar with your lot and the cemetery’s requirements.
  • Your cemetery represents the manufacturer. There is no middleman.
  • The cemetery’s groundskeepers are trained to handle and install a memorial correctly and efficiently.
  • Your cemetery has the responsibility of caring for your loved one’s grave. It is only natural that you should place your memorial under the same care and attention as your final resting place.

Family Monuments
Those who purchase designated Family Lots may erect an upright monument bearing the family name. The style possibilities are almost endless. These monuments are available in a wide variety of colors, and each is beautiful, custom designed and unique to your family.