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GriefShare is a Christ centered caring, no cost support group that meets regularly throughout the year. It is available to all families who have experienced a loss and seek an environment of love and understanding. Our goal is to ensure that the program provides a comforting and supportive environment for all attendees.

This grief recovery support program is part of a national program designed to help families through one of life’s most difficult experiences – the passing of a loved one. A significant benefit of attending GriefShare is the understanding that none of us have to go through the grieving process alone.

Informal discussions are facilitated by our own team who have been leading these group sessions for many years. We strive to provide an environment that many find helpful as they continue to manage feelings of loss.

There is no charge to attend any of these GriefShare sessions. Those who attend are welcome to share as much – or as little – of their personal stories as they want. Families are welcome to begin attending the GriefShare group at any session. Each session is “self-contained,” so you do not have to attend in sequence. You will find encouragement and help whenever you begin.

Our GriefShare meetings* are held on most Tuesdays at:

Clinton Township Senior Center
40730 Romeo Plank Rd. From 6-8 p.m.

* We are currently hosting in-person and virtual meetings.

For any questions or for more information please call Michelle at 586-416-3310 or email griefshare@mtelliott.com

After the funeral, when the cards and flowers have stopped coming, most of the people around you return to their normal lives. But your grief continues and you feel alone.

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Is This Normal? - August 30
  • You’ll discover why your grief experience is harder than you imagined
  • Why the intensity and duration of your emotions are normal and appropriate
  • Despite how you feel right now, there is reason for hope
Challenges of Grief - September 6
  • You’ll learn more eye-opening reasons why your pain is so overwhelming
  • Some of the overlooked, yet common, effects grief has on your mind, body, and spirit
  • How to get things done when you don’t feel like you have any energy
The Journey Of Grief (part 1) - September 13
  • You’ll learn helpful goals to set on your journey of grief
  • How to deal with those who try to rush you through your grief
  • How long the journey of grief typically lasts
The Journey Of Grief (part 2) - September 20
  • You’ll learn why it’s important to put effort into your healing
  • How the events surrounding your loved one’s death affect your grief
  • The best ways to deal with your loved one’s belongings
Grief And Your Relationships - September 27
  • You’ll find out how the death of a loved one affects your friendships
  • Why solitude can be a blessing and a curse
  • How to deal with friends who don’t understand your grief
Why? - October 4
  • This session demonstrates that God wants you to share your feelings with Him
  • Why being honest with God is an expression of faith
  • What God has to say to you about your “why” questions
Guilt And Anger - October 11
  • You’ll learn how to deal with false guilt
  • How to grieve conflicted relationships
  • How to handle grief-related anger
Complicating Factors - October 18
  • You’ll begin to see how traumatic experiences affect grief
  • How to deal with nightmares and flashbacks
  • How your thinking affects your emotions
Stuck - October 25
  • You’ll discover how to prevent getting stuck in grief
  • Common misconceptions that hinder healing
  • Why your path to healing isn’t always smooth
Lessons Of Grief (part 1) - November 1
  • You’ll become aware of an often-overlooked reason that grief is so painful
  • Why going to church can be so difficult
  • The benefits of helping others
Lessons Of Grief (part 2) - November 8
  • This session provides a more complete picture of who you are now that your loved one is gone
  • Why no one grieves perfectly
  • What grief can teach you about relationships
Heaven - November 15
  • Session 12 answers questions about heaven and the afterlife, such as what heaven is like
  • Whether you should communicate with your deceased loved one
  • Whether near-death experiences are reliable descriptions of heaven
What Do I Live For Now? - November 22
  • You’ll learn why moving forward is a necessity
  • Why it’s a process
  • Why peace and pain will always coexist
The Loss Of A Spouse - November 29

Widowed? Help is here and hope is possible. Do you dread the lonely days and nights? Wonder what to do with your spouse’s belongings? Feel like your brain is in a fog? Unsure of how you’ll go on?

At a Loss of a Spouse session you’ll discover:

  • Other people understand and have found ways to make it through
  • Why it won’t always hurt so much
  • Reasons for hope
  • Practical tips for coping with the death of a spouse
Surviving the Holidays - December 6

Help and hope as you navigate the Christmas season Wondering how you will survive the weeks surrounding Thanksgiving and Christmas? Are you dreading these holidays, knowing that everything has changed and that happy memories from past years can’t be recreated?

Our Surviving the Holidays seminar is especially for people who are grieving a loved one’s death. You’ll learn:

  • How to deal with the many emotions you’ll face during the holidays
  • What to do about traditions and other coming changes
  • Helpful tips for surviving social events
  • How to discover hope for your future

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