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Locate a Loved One

Are you looking to locate your loved one?

Or are you doing genealogy research?

On this page you will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Search among 5 cemeteries and more than 1,200 acres
  • Locate the specific gravesite of most individuals interred with Mt. Elliott Cemeteries
  • Be provided with a Google Map overview of the spot
  • Submit an obituary or memory of your loved one, including photos and videos
  • See a 360-degree view of most areas surrounding your loved one’s final resting place at Resurrection or Guardian Angel Cemeteries

If you are using a mobile device, we encourage you to download the app here.

How to Begin

To begin your search using this web page, use the search engine below to type in your loved one’s first and last name. You may try slightly different spellings if needed.  If you know the cemetery location, choose it from the drop down menu on the right. For loved ones at The Preserve at All Saints, please choose “All Saints Cemetery” in the menu.

Once you find your loved one’s name, click on it and you’ll be presented with options, depending on the cemetery where your loved one rests. “360 Ground View” will allow you to see the grave site and/or the area around it.  Choose “View & Submit Memories” to add an obituary, memory, photo or video.


Google Directions

NOTE – Google does not take into account walls and fences, therefore it may try to route you to a road or path that is closed.

  • Mt. Olivet – The only entrance into the cemetery is on the corner of Van Dyke and McNichols Roads.
  • All Saints – You may only enter from the gate on Nelsey Road.
  • Guardian Angel – The main gate and entrance is on Rochester Road.