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Resurrection Cemetery

Resurrection Cemetery in Clinton Township, is considered by many to be the finest cemetery in Michigan. With nearly 300 acres, Resurrection is also one of the state’s largest.

Resurrection Cemetery has been featured in local and national media for its careful development, for its commitment to providing a wide variety of choices for individual and family memorials, and for the community programs and events we host.

Interment options at Resurrection include traditional ground burial, as well as a variety of mausoleums that are located throughout the property. The Prince of Peace Cremation Garden opened in 2017, surrounding the Prince of Peace Crematorium with a wide range of cremation memorials, cremation benches and niche options for families.

There are a number of enclosed, climate-controlled mausoleums that provide exceptional comfort for visiting family members while other mausoleums feature covered walkways and integrate open courtyards and gardens to create a naturally beautiful environment. The new Garden of the Ascension Mausoleum, opening in 2013, is one such “outdoor” mausoleum. Private family mausoleums are also available.

Another remarkable feature of Resurrection Cemetery is the specially commissioned artwork that can be found throughout the grounds and mausoleums. These include heroic-sized, bronze Stations of the Cross sculptures in section 21, and monumental bronze castings of religious figures found in some mausoleums. We hope your visit to the Resurrection will include a look at these impressive works.

Resurrection Cemetery invites the entire community to a variety of events we host throughout the year such as Veterans Day and Memorial Day services, a Christmas Remembrance event, a touching Children’s Remembrance service, planning seminars and occasional exhibitions such as the traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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View Available Properties at Resurrection

View available properties and sections that you may want to consider at Resurrection

18201 Clinton River Rd.
Clinton Twp., MI 48038-2903
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9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday–Friday
9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday
CLOSED on Sundays and Holidays
Want to learn more about our Grief Share program? We host our Grief Share program at the Clinton Township Senior Center throughout the year. Call us at 586-286-9020 for more information.

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