Mt. Elliott

Mt. Elliott was consecrated in 1841—just four years after Michigan became the 26th state of the Union. A committee of leading citizens of the day, including the architect Robert Elliott, founded the cemetery. Elliott died in a construction accident only 12 days after the property was dedicated, and so it became known as Mt. Elliott Cemetery. Given its unique place in Detroit’s history, Mt. Elliott serves as an important final resting place for many generations of both prominent Detroiters and everyday citizens. Visitors to Mt. Elliott will find a remarkable collection of monuments featuring the names of well-known Detroiters such as Beaubian, Campau, Moross, Palms and many others.

Mt. Elliott Cemetery also holds the distinct honor as the home for the Firemen’s Fund Monument. It resides within a special section reserved for those who have served their communities as firefighters. Furthermore, Mt. Elliott hosts a special firefighters remembrance on Memorial Day every other year.

Today, well over 170 years after Mt. Elliott Cemetery was created, it continues to provide a stately and serene environment in which to memorialize a loved one. With a carefully manicured landscape and historic architecture, Mt. Elliott Cemetery has secured its place in Detroit’s past as well as its future.

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History of Mt. Elliott Cemetery: Notable Interments

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