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Joseph E. Csaszar

Beloved son of Alex & Dorothy Csaszar.
Joseph was a kind soul and wanted only to help others and be treated with respect even if he had a disability in not being able to speak. He liked being around people in general and at one time he was living at an assisted living care home and was very helpful to many seniors and the staff. When Joe was leaving some of the people wanted to give him a going away party. Later I would drive Joe to see his old friends at the assisted living care and one time we came by when most were having dinner and the manager made an
announcement that Joe was here and most acted as if Joe was a celebrity, as he went from table to table to greet old friends I couldn’t believe the respect they had for my brother. Joe also liked to watch old western movies with John Wayne in them and like doing word finders. I’m sure all his sisters and brothers will miss brother Joe but I will never forget the funny things he did to make his sisters and brothers laugh and I know he will be remembered by many.